Day 1

Day 1

July 10th 2024

The best gifts come when you least expect it.


It was just another Monday in October 2022 when Julia Pitts (Judy) delivered over 170 hand-crocheted stocking caps to be given to our students to keep their heads warm as the temperatures begin to get cooler.  During the pandemic, she made lots of hats with all sorts of designs and characters kids love, and when she was thinking through places she could donate them to, the students at the South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind came to mind.


Some hats are yellow with red pom poms, others are grey with pizza patches and there are even some hats crocheted into the shapes of pigs, foxes and bears. Every student at SCSDB was able to receive a hat that was special for them.  No matter their age, everyone loves to receive a thoughtful gift. However, there’s something extra special when the gift received was made by hand.


Judy’s gift was a blessing to our students and her act of kindness is a blessing to those who have heard her story.  We appreciate all our friends who support our students through your financial gifts, your positive thoughts, and your belief in our mission of engaging, empowering, and equipping our students for success.  We cannot do this work without you!


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